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Mega Platics was established in 2007 by investment KOPACKS CO., LTD KOREA in Vietnam

     Several years experience in producing plastic corrugated sheet in South Korea has given Mega Plastics a production base in Southeast Asia to export and satisfy all the needs of customers in Japan, Australia and other Asian markets.

    We will do our best to meet any types of products in the plastic corrugated sheet market.



Employee 180 Persons

Factory Area 15,000m2

Scale of Production 300 Ton/Month

Address Lot A-3J-CN, My phuoc Industrial park 3,
              Ben Cat District, Binh Duong province, Vietnam

Tel 0274-3553552/551/550/548

Fax 0274-3553549

Email: Mr. Lee  : mgplas@naver.com
            Mr. Hùng: hung@megaplastics.com.vn

Website: www.megaplastics.com.vn



Tel 82-31-352-9551   Fax 82-31-352-9554

Email kopacks@hanmail.net

Website: www.danpla.co.kr
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               Address: A-3J-CN, My Phuoc Industrial Park 3, Bencat District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
               Tel: 0274-3553552/551/550/548 * Fax: 0274-3553549 * Email: